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Suffering from Itchy Scalp?
Stimulating hair growth oils. If a oil has our name on it you can rest assured that it has a lot of TLC. We spend our days and nights making sure our oils contain some of the best ingredients known to man. We have scoured the entire earth to find the best ingredients that have been proven to promote hair growth or stop hair fall.

Directions: Apply to scalp and hair from roots to end. Leave on for a 4-6 hours or Maximum of overnight. Rinse out with Nzuri or any Sulfate Free Shampoo. May also use as a hot oil treatment. Apply liberally to hair, put on a plastic bag and sit under warm dryer for 30 minutes. Rinse out within 24 hours.

This is a hair oil treatment. Do not leave in for more than 7 days at a time.

Of the many problems that plague women and hair care, a HUGE concern is how to alleviate or get rid of itchy scalp. Sometimes scalp irritations are minor annoyances due to product build-up or changes in the weather. While no one is excited to see loose flakes of dandruff dotting their clothing, most times this will clear up with a specially formulated shampoo for dandruff.... read more
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Coconut Oil Treated Satin Bonnet Coconut Oil Treated Open Top Tie Satin Sleep Bonnet
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Hair Growth Before and after Nzuri Herbal Hair Follicle Growth Stimulator 12oz
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Nzuri Hair Follicle Miracle Hair Growth Oil Nzuri Hair Follicle Food 61- Ancient Miracle Hair Growth Oil™ 4oz.
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Nzuri Hair Follicle Miracle Hair Growth Oil and Ionic Silver Hair Growth Trio
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