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Tessy Anifowoshe Sr is the President, and CEO of 'NZURI Hair Care and Wellness Products' and Solutions Hair Restoration and Wellness Center

Tessy is a an entrepreneur with a passion and deep understanding of holistic, healthy hair restoration.

As a Master Herbalist and certified holistic Trichologist, Tessy caters to people struggling with hair loss and scalp concerns. His product line, NZURI Hair Care and Wellness Products manufacture healthy hair care products made with top-quality formulas to keep hair looking and feeling healthy. NZURI is accredited by the city of Houston as an A-list hair care line, and its products are featured in all H-E-B stores across the state of Texas,, and over 5,000 stores nationwide.

Along with his award-winning healthy hair products, Tessy is a health and wellness coach at his two full-service hair loss and wellness clinic, Solutions Hair Restoration and Wellness Center, which caters to individuals seeking healthy hair restoration and wellness in the Houston area.

He spent over 10 years working with some of the nation's best formulators, scientists, and lab technicians to develop solution-focused hair vitamins and nutritional supplements. Today, these products are helping thousands of men and women on their journey to healthy, happy hair.

Tessy's Commitment to the Community:

Tessy Anifowoshe continues to learn, understand, and teach others about healthy hair, vitality, and overall wellness. Being fully rooted and dedicated to Trichology, he continually displays perseverance, dedication, and a passion for hair restoration - regardless of the cause. Tessy's concern is helping men and women grow their own hair from the inside out and regain self-confidence and improve quality of life.

Another passion of his is giving back to his community. Tessy Anifowoshe is a philanthropist and actively involved member of the HCC Black History Committee. Additionally, Tessy Anifowoshe is a sponsor of the yearly Houston Community College Black History Scholarship Gala, an organization that provides college scholarships for Houston-area students attending HCC.

From his charity work in his local community to his unparalleled dedication to his craft, Tessy is helping people overcome more than just their hair worries - he's helping people live genuinely happier, healthier lives.

Tessy Anifowoshe Sr. CHLP, HLP, Trichologist.
President & CEO. Nzuri Hair Care, and Wellness Products.
Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.

Corporate Office NZURI, LLC. 3727 Greenbriar Dr, Suite 109-B Stafford Texas. 77477, USA 1-877-266-4563 Fax 1866-713-4196