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Want Your Little Girl's Hair to Grow Long?

If you dream of your daughter having long flowing hair, there are easy ways to accomplish this right from the start!

Hair Vitamins
Let me start out by encouraging you to give your daughter hair vitamins at an early age. The Nzuri Elixir Children’s hair vitamin has everything the adult version has but made specifically for children. With over 200 ingredients including a 20 plus fruit and vegetable complex with Biotin and Inositol, this product is sure to boost her hair growth results amongst other benefits of setting up a good healthy hair growth foundation from the inside out. This tasty liquid hair vitamin is gluten free and vegetarian. Get them used to taking a children’s multiple vitamin early and they will stick with this good habit as they grow older. Once they take the Nzuri Elixir hair vitamin they are set and ready to go. They need no other vitamins because this is a complete multi-vitamin with a proprietary mix off B vitamins for nurturing hair growth.

Baby Hair
The hair of a baby is very fine and very fragile. It is easily worn off the back of the head just from laying in the crib. This is one reason you need to be very gentle (and patient!) Only use a soft baby brush or comb. Never use an adult brush on the baby’s head as it can damage the scalp and break off the hair easily. If cradle cap is a problem, use oils specifically to soften the affected area for easy removal. Never pick it off as this causes sores on the head and hair could come out as well.

Children's hair needs cleansing and conditioning regularly. No tears products are important to reduce trauma that may be associated with washing. There are a many sulfate and paraben free products especially formulated for children's hair and more are arriving every day!

When Swimming:
Be sure to apply conditioner to wet hair before swimming in chlorinated pools to prevent damage. When washing and conditioning, use a conditioner that is lightweight on the hair but avoid applying conditioner to the scalp. Always use a good leave in detangler for kids. Trims Trim the hair first at about a year. Hair grows by about one half inch per month and grows at a faster rate in the Spring and Summer than in Fall and Winter. Even if there isn't much hair there, just have the very tips trimmed or dusted. Also, don't worry about any particular style and getting the hair all one length - that will come later.

Cutting Bangs & Styles
Do not cut bangs into the hair! Once hair reaches the collar, it can be evened up around the perimeter into a bob. The goal is to have minimum maintenance that is required to keep it growing. The Problem with Bangs Cutting in bangs will cause problems as the hair becomes longer. Hair tends to have a natural growth pattern of straight forward on young children. Don't be tempted to cut bangs to "keep it out of the eyes" because the hair in her eyes will eventually cover her ears. How often do you see children with the back long and the sides thin and short? This is because bangs were cut. Don't even do it once because they become more difficult to grow out as the hair texture changes.

Styling while growing hair out
The goal when styling your child’s hair for growth is to use as less manipulation as possible. Remember hair in the comb can’t be hair on the head. Hair is not a magician. It can’t be in two places at one time. Also, be sure to use the correct size comb. I cannot tell you how sad I get when I see parents using rat tooth combs or combs with small teeth on their children’s hair. Use only terry cloth pony tail holders on the hair. They don't hold as well as bands, but this fragile hair can show breakage easily from other types of pony tail holders. While the front and top are growing out, gather the hair into a topknot. It can be off to the side, straight up, or adorned with ribbons and bows. It's cute! Also try many braided styles but be careful with the edges when braiding. The edges are very fragile and harder to grow back if damaged.

Straightening Curly or Coily Hair: If you have to straighten your child’s hair I would strongly encourage you not to use chemical relaxers. You can get a good straightening serum and flat iron it or even the old fashioned way of hot combing your child’s hair (if you’re African American). Just remember heat is not a best friend of hair. Also, let it be for special occasions and not often so your daughter can look forward to those seldom times you allow her to straighten her curly hair. You will have fun styling your little girls hair when it gets some length to it! Enjoy each phase of the hair growth journey.

These are precious years and the time you spend combing their hair are precious years you will cherish for a lifetime. They grow up rather quickly. Check out the internet to learn styling and braiding techniques. Soon the time will come when she will decide herself how long she wants her hair!
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