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How to Use Nzuri Hair Growth Oils on Caucasion Hair?

Hair oils can be really useful in growing Caucasion Hair.  The hair follicle food 61 growth oil is not to be worn daily for Caucasion hair but to be used once or twice a week before washing your hair.  It is more of a treatment and solution oil than a styling aide.  You have to put it in one to two hours before you wash your hair just one or twice a week and then wash out and condition. 

 If you're trying to wash and go that is why you're having problems with it.  Also, you only need a little in the palms of your hands.  Massage very well into the scalp, put on plastic cap and then wash out when you shower or wash your hair. The most important thing to remember about the Hair Follicle Food oil it deep massaging so it can feed and strengthen your follicles. 

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