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DIY NZURI Moisturizing Treatment

Here’s a quick, simple, natural hair treatment solution you can do yourself. If your hair is on the dry side, all it really needs is moisture. Moisture is not just water, it can also be oil. Nzuri Food Follicle 61 Ancient Secrets Miracle Oil is a blend of oils Mayonnaise works great but really olives and mayonnaise is nothing but eggs and oil so you pretty much do that yourself. Olive oil is a wonderful tools and works great in hair. Add some essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, or anything you like for smell.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning treatments are another essential for treating dry hair. A good combination is the Nzuri Kra -Z Gro Stimulating Growth Shampoo and deep conditioning Nzuri Kra-Z hair Growth Moisturizing Conditioner or Nzuri Revive and Restore Mega Moisturizing Conditioner . Once you decide on your mixture, just work it through and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Avocado and olive oil are a great combination and one of my personal favorites. Avocados contain natural fats those fats and lipids penetrate into the hair and help add moisture. Macadamia nut oil, coconut milk any of these natural emollient and naturally fatty, tree, nuts, oils, anything that can be found in nature, that’s naturally fatty can be used as a deep conditioner. However, this is not recommended as an everyday treatment, as they tend to be heavy and can weigh hair down. For fine hair I suggest using almond oil or apricot.

When done with your hair apply to your body. As usual, you can also find good moisturizing oils at The Hair Vitamin Store.com. the Hair Follicle Food 61 Ancient Secrets Miracle Hair Growth Oil is a great and highly recommended oil because all of the top moisturizing oils are already mixed together in the right combinations. On top of moisturizing the hair shaft it will cause your hair to grow like a weed.

How to make a daily growth moisturizing spritz:

You simply add 1 oz of Hair Follicle Food 61 Ancient Secrets Miracle Hair Growth Oil to 8 ozs of distilled water, 1 oz of Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair Vitamins (optional) and spray your hair daily for a vitamin infused moisturizer that is guaranteed to keep thirty hair satisfied

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