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The Safe and Easy Way to Straighten Natural Hair

For best results use ceramic flat irons. Though they are a bit pricey, they will get the job done, with minimal damage to your hair. Irons with PTFC heater, capable of producing far infrared heat, they are the best because they warm the hair from the inside out causing less damage to hair. Some irons have nanotechnology which uses small particles to transfer the heat quickly, creating shine and eliminating static. Ionic irons reduce frizz by promoting moisture retention in the hair shaft because of the action of their negative ions. Steer clear of flat irons that say “coated plates” because they are just that coated. Also make sure the iron heats up to 350 or 400 degrees.

What To Do Before Straightening

You should make your straightening day a no poo and deep conditioning day. After washing hair with Nzuri Herbal Hair Wash Powder, which imparts strength and deeply nourishes hair roots and conditioning with Nzuri Revive and Restore Deep Conditioner , separate hair into sections, saturating with products such as an anti-frizz, leave in conditioner, and moisture blocks. These will extend the life of your style. Blow dry each section, or allow hair to air dry. If you choose to blow dry, one with a comb attachment. This makes thick or kinky hair easier to blow out. You can also use a large brush. When hair is completely dry, section off again, apply heat protectant paying attention to the ends, and began flat ironing thin sections. Run flat iron over the section 1-4 times. Continue until all sections are straightened. Finish hair with another coat of moisture block and or natural oil.

Straighten After Care Tips

Before going to sleep at night apply some natural oil to all of your hair especially the ends, then wrap your hair in a silk or satin head wrap. You might want to put your hair in several gentle single twists to help the oil soak in and keep your hair moisturized. Coconut oil is great for this because it provides moisture. You can seal the ends with Nzuri Follicle Food 61 Ancient Secrets Miracle Oil, which helps nourish the hair and contains moisture as well.

For straight hair with a wave

Braid or twist hair into several sections, Apply a tiny amount of moisturizer to the ends, then add some natural oil. Make sure to finish the ends with a roller, a piece of pipe cleaner, or a pin curl. This is actually the best way to maintain this straight style because you are able to keep your hair nourished with moisture while still having a more silky style.

Maintenance Tips: Your style can last anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks depending on the level of care you provide and how long you can go without a washing your hair. You shouldn't have to touch it up with any more heat, that's your choice. Just keep in mind heat is still the ultimate enemy to natural hair.

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