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NZURI - Grow Your Hair FASTER Challenge

The Grow Your Own Hair Challenge is a Unique created around Nzuri Hai Products that deals with hair growth from the inside out. Based on thousands of years of history and modern research we have concluded that healthy hair starts from the inside out.

Our goal is , First to allow you to detoxify your body with Detox herbs and 2nd to allow your hair to grow naturally. Your hair will go through a 90- Day - 3-month (at a time) long Hair Detox Challenge! The most realistic goal is 2 years and to retain as much length as possible. However, we will take it in 3 month increments. That has been proven to work. Also, it's like dieting. If you look at the scale everyday you may get discouraged if you realize after a week of doing "Everything right" that you didn't lose a pound. However, progress is made but may not be reflected right away. Same goes for growing hair. Hair is magical. It can grow but sometimes if you keep measuring every day it's like watching paint dry and you will get bored and perhaps even discouraged.

However, if you follow the Nzuri challenge (and there are a few variations of it depending on which challenge you are on) you will yield admirable results.
In this challenge, you will learn new things about your hair and health that you probably have never thought of before. So let's get started.
We are simply sharing with you real results that have happened to real people. We've had customers call in the past and say "Why didn't you tell me that Nzuri vitamins was going to help with my diabetes or my cholesterol..." We always answer and say "We cannot tell you that. We will not tell you that but we are always happy to hear great results from you. So please feel free to share with us as we love testimonials.
Look at the products below and choose the products or packages that you want to get started with. These are the basis of the Challenge. Also, note that if you are not going to stay on the program for 90 days and give it an honest try then do not start for 30 days and give up and say it doesn't work because that won't be fair to any of us. Remember anything worth really having requires above average commitment.

Just visualize how beautiful you will look with your new longer, stronger, sexier hair. Your hair can grow but you've got to be willing to put in the work. So many women want an overnight miracle.
Here is a gift of 10% on your first order of $75 or more. Use Code: WELCOME at the checkout to help get you started.
And always remember - No matter what to keep it fun! Once you've Grown it You Own It!

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Nzuri hair care products and the grow your own hair long challenge. This is a proven strategy to grow your hair longer.
But you have to commit to patience in growing your hair longer. But remember, once you've grown it - you own it!