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How to Grow Children's Hair More Quickly in 4 Easy Steps!

Some children especially little girls want long, flowing hair. Unfortunately, hair growth varies for each individual. While some children grow hair at a rapid speed, it can take another child several months or years to achieve a desired hair length. Fortunately, there are products and techniques to make a child's hair grow more quickly
. Hair is protein; and to promote hair growth in children, increase their protein intake. High protein foods include meats, dairy, eggs, nuts and legumes. A low protein diet can stop or slow hair growth. Vitamins are another essential to promote healthy hair growth. Nzuri Elixir Childrens Liquid Vitamin is a complete childrens vitamin that has added nutrients specially formulated to help grow healthy hair plus a whole lot more.

Massage the Scalp.

Massaging a child's scalp stimulates blood circulation, which strengthens the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Massage the scalp one or two times a day. Stay away from heat. Daily heat styling can damage hair and slow hair growth. If possible, allow your child's hair to air dry, and limit the use of curling irons, flat irons and hot combs.

Physical Activity.

Exercise and physical activity stimulates blood circulation, which can improve your child's overall health and promote quicker hair growth. So it is a great idea to encourage physical activity. Encourage your child to exercise, run or play outdoor sports.

Apply a Conditioner

Apply conditioner to the hair after each shampoo and massage the scalpApply hair conditioners such as the Nzuri stop hair loss and encourage hair growth.

. Also, talk to a professional hair stylist about protein treatments. These treatments repair damaged hair and promote growth. Vitamin B-complex and folic acid promote hair growth ..