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NZURILLC, (“NZURI”) is a manufacturer of unique specialized hair care and wellness products to service the needs of healthy hair consumers. NZURI puts substantial resources into developing its products. NZURI wants to work through distributors who market NZURI’s products based on product qualities.

Our wholesale prices are designed to provide you with greater profits and a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Nzuri LLC is proven to keep customers returning for repeat purchases every month. And these healthy, nutritional and natural life enhancement products add to your competitive edge and provides a unique add-on service your customers will certainly appreciate!

MAP (minimum advertised price) Policy applies to all Hair Vitamin Store products purchased for resale through catalog or internet. Retailers selling these products at prices below MAP level will not be eligible to reorder at wholesale pricing. Acceptable minimum pricing can be viewed on the retail website, www.hairvitaminstore.com Not to be confused with our Daily Deals.

Our Products Suitable for Retail Stores, Hair Dressers, Beauty Salons, Beauty Supplies Stores, Vitamin Stores, Online Stores and International Distributors.

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You may mix and match on Nzuri Elixir (Adults) and Nzuri Vida
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